Mandara Spa (Cherokee)

The Mandara Spa is located on the reservation of the eastern band of the Cherokee people, whose presence in North Carolina spans 11,000 years.  If you're visiting the area for the casino, the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, or the popular outdoor drama called 'Unto These Hills,' be sure to also reserve a treatment at the spa.  

 Once you reach the front desk of the spa, you'll be led to an internal elevator, which leads to tranquility and bliss.  Your only real responsibility once you exit the elevator is to select the scent that you want diffused in your treatment room.  The current options include: Release, Replenish, Enliven, and Embrace.  I selected the Embrace scent, which has a heady rosewood base.  I wasn't disappointed with it at all.  
Staff will then lead you to an area where you can remove your makeup at the vanity tables, shower, and get changed into a thick and luxurious robe that's provided by the spa.  You will also receive a pair of slippers.  Should you decide to shower at the spa, body wash, lotion, shampoo, razors, and even a toothbrush are gratis.  There is a separate area such as this for men.
 Next, move on into the Relaxation Lounge.  Yes, please! Have a stress releasing soak then relax in one of the hot stone chairs.  The heated chairs feel good and the way that they are designed gives relief to the lower back.  Feel free to spend as much time as you like in the Relaxation Lounge.  You get use of it for the entire day of your treatment. 

If you move further into the Relaxation Lounge, you'll discover another area that offers a variety of infused spa waters, juices, assorted hot teas, and nibbles (all complimentary).  The area also offers a selection of magazines to browse through.  There's a fireplace too, which is lit during cooler months.
  When it's time for your scheduled treatment(s), staff will escort you to your treatment room.  The staff at Mandara is fantastic.  They're efficient and strive to give guests an unforgettable and pleasurable experience.  Stephanie A. spoiled me and I want to benefit from her expertise again. 
  She has healing hands, a lovely smile, and a kind spirit.     
Once your scheduled treatment(s) are over, you can return to the Relaxation Lounge or sit on the spa's private patio to read a book, SLEEP, have a snack, or simply listen to the sound of the creek while enjoying caressing breezes.  You'll find comfy chaise lounges, egg pods, and greenery on the patio.
Mandara has locations in several spots around the globe.  You'll find them in Dubai, the Maldives, Cairo, London, Tokyo, Malaysia, Hawaii, etc.  The Cherokee North Carolina location is lovely and the service is top notch.  I'm already looking forward to my next treatment.  By the way, this is not a sponsored post.  Just sharing a good thing with you.  Have a wonderful week.  Go forth knowing that God is mighty and able.



VeggieMummy said…
That sounds like absolute bliss! Good to know that there is one in London - maybe one day .... xx
this looks wonderfully relaxing! how very pleasant. cheers sherry
diamondc said…
Miss Liberty: Wow this place looks amazing, you are so lucky yo have had the experience of the Spa.
Thank-you for sharing with us, I now have that place on my bucket list for when we visit North Carolina.
You look lovely and so relaxed.

Mari said…
Wow! I wish I lived closer to NC. This looks wonderful and I could feel the relaxation just reading this. You look wonderful and very relaxed.
Evi Erlinda said…
This spa looks so lovely.
Betsy said…
Oh my, just what I would like to experience. Serene looking place and you look relaxed and happy. I am relaxed just reading your post.
Happy week ahead
Mandara Spa looks like such a wonderful place to treat yourself. You are so lucky to be able to experience it and it looks like you had such blissful and relaxing time there.
Elena M said…
Thanks for the beautiful post!

Have a nice day)    
Wow! Really amazing place with beautiful interiors!
It looks that you had wonderful time there!
Mandara Spa looks like such a lovely place. I would love to visit to get some relax.

Have a nice day.
David said…
Hi Liberty Belle, My better half would love visiting this spa! She goes nuts just over a facial so this luxury would be over the top. As for me, I guess I'm just a guy from the stone ages. No massages, no salons, no hot tubs, no saunas, etc. FYI, my wife would avoid this spa as there is a casino of my weaknesses (just the slots) that she doesn't care for. You sure look like you enjoyed this experience! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave
Wow this is a nice place to relax Liberty!!
Kirk said…
I'll try it if one ever opens up near me.
Oh, that looks heavenly! It's so decadent to be pampered (probably because it's so infrequent!).
Adriana Leandro said…
Looks so relaxing.
Sandy said…
You look fantastic! It all looks quite wonderful. Maybe during one of the trips where Hubby and I drive to SC we should schedule an over night stop here. Must remember this. Thanks for the sharing.
Claudine said…
Oh my goodness, all of this looks heavenly! I love spas and I really need some R&R right now... I just wish I could experience all of this for myself! Thanks for sharing! :)
This spa looks so lovely...must be so relaxing :)

All the best Jan
Paola Lauretano said…
What a place.... sounds so relaxing!
Kisses, Paola.

Red Rose Alley said…
This looks like a nice spa. I bet it was so relaxing for you. It's always good to have some "me time." We come back refreshed and ready to go. : )

Hena Tayeb said…
Oh wow this place looks amazing.
Linda said…
I love that fireplace!

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