Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry

Despite the negative news of recent years, Chicago is still a wonderful and fabulous city.  There's so much to do and see there.  Some of my favorites include the Second City comedy club, Buckingham fountain, Navy Pier, late night jazz at the Green Mill, the Art Institute, and shopping and dining along the Magnificent Mile.  I also enjoy visits to the Museum of Science and Industry.   This week's visit was no exception.
The museum is huge and one can easily spend hours there.  The exhibits are varied and quite interesting.  However, without fail, I somehow always manage to find my way to the Colleen Moore Fairy Castle.  

Even at my age, I love the castle.  Truthfully though, the guys didn't seem to be as enthralled with the castle as us ladies were.  However, they seemed to get a kick out of the genetics, trains, coal mine, and submarine exhibits. 

Naturally, the old time ice cream parlor at the museum appealed to us all. 

I hope that you'll visit the Museum of Science and Industry if you're in Chicago.  They have so much to offer and I simply couldn't capture it all in pictures.



Sakuranko said…
Oh very interesting place darling
VeggieMummy said…
My neighbours have just returned from a holiday in Chicago - their son lives there. They had a lovely time. The fairy castle looks amazing; I love that little kitchen! xx
Red Rose Alley said…
Love that fairy castle. I've always wanted to make a fairy garden, and this castle is grand. Chicago sounds fun and interesting. The ice cream parlor looks delightful too.

Wishing you wonderful September days.

Lady Fi said…
Looks amazing!
Evi Erlinda said…
Amazing castle! Chicago is an interesting place to visit.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Linda said…
Oh, I visited that museum many years ago when I was a kid. It was quite an experience.
wisps of words said…
There may well be wonderful places to visit, in Chicago.

But with so many Chicago residents, living in terror for their lives, and the lives of their children...... I have no interest in visiting there.

Certainly not, until "the powers that be," address the horrors, which many of their residents, live in.

Perhaps if more of the affluent people, decided _not_ to visit and spend their money there, "the powers that be," would be more willing, to FIX all the Chicago horrors...?
Wonderful photos of the museum. Thanx.

God bless.
Debbie said…
We go to Chicago when my granddaughter competes in gymnastics down there. We go to the Navy Pier, and shop the stores near there. The kids go skating near the Bean. We visit Trump Tower, and see the architecture near there. They also go up in the tower that slants out over the city....NOT me!!! eeeek!! We always have a wonderful time with so much to see, and experience. It's a great city to visit!!! Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed your post. And thank you for visiting the lakehouse blog.
I would love to take my granddaughter here for a visit (and me too... it's been many years).
David said…
Hi Liberty Belle, We lived in the Chicago area for many years and we loved it. What we didn't love was the cost of living and the we headed to the mid-south for retirement. I miss all the action including the museums, the Magnificent Mile and especially the food! We sure miss the restaurants and variety of ethnic cuisine. Our daughter (who now lives in Miami) recently sent me a Portillo's 'care package' for my birthday! It was great! We used to like Michael's in Highland Park for our hot dogs but they've changed owners and some of the recent reviews aren't so great. "Wisps of words" has an interesting but flawed solution for Chicago's serious issues. Take the money and visitors out of Chicago and we'd have another Detroit on our hands. Money isn't the issue...without the tourists and affluent residents, there'd be fewer jobs, an even smaller tax base and more poverty. Sadly, it would be another Detroit... There are no simple answers! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave
Paola Lauretano said…
Such an interesting museum... I would like to visit Chicago!
Kisses, Paola.

Sandy said…
YUMMY....looks like you had a good time. I've never toured Chicago. Once years ago had a horrible time driving through it. It was the only route left for us that wasn't under water. We were almost the last people across the bridge in St. Louis...the drive home was nasty with lots of detours, no ability to stop and change drivers. I was driving, it was a stick shift. Hubby is a better navigator than me, so switching wouldn't have been a good idea even if we could have switched; but left a bad memory for me.
Vanessa Dias said…
This museum seems totally awesome!! Something I would definitely visit!
dellgirl said…
I loved every minute of this fun and interesting tour, it’s awesome! And, the photos are absolutely gorgeous. It’s good to hear you had a great time, I felt like I was right there with you. Thanks for sharing this fun with us.

Wishing you a wonderful week!
awhite said…
So much to see! Love a good museum visit when I'm in a new city.

Le Stylo Rouge
Pilar said…
What an interesting museum!
nerline said…
The architecture is amazing, and you look lovely.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I visited Chicago many, many years ago, and I certainly think it has a beautiful skyline and a lot to offer. Thanks for sharing!
Lizzy said…
Tanza Erlambang said…
great museum
Chicago sounds amazing The museum is so interesting I hope to visit it one day Love that drink too Have a lovely weekend xoxo Cris
Sandy said…
Waving hello, as I'm doing my blog walking today. Hope things are going well for you.
Klara van Pure said…
nice pics :)
diamondc said…
Miss Liberty: What a wonderful post, I am loving the Castle, I really want to visit this museum.
The drink you have looks yummy.


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